Funny Old Broads

  "Comic Caryn Bark's bit about middle-aged Jewish ladies floundering through the byzantine rules of mahjong—"It's like Alzheimer's daycare"—had me laughing hard enough to compromise my bladder's integrity. It's the sort of unforced, well-observed domestic comedy she's been polishing for decades. But the harrowing, hilarious stories of her husband's open-heart surgery show how deep her comedy has grown since her breakout one-woman show Diary of a Skokie Girl in 1995. Bark hosts this 90-minute showcase of non-young Jewish funny ladies… costars Robin Riebman, Pam Peterson, and Jan Slavin... they're likeable, inventive, and occasionally ingenious comediennes. Bark's sharp, fearless 20-minute set focusing on the perils of aging makes me hope Diary of Skokie Decrepitude is in the works."

—Justin Hayford, Chicago Reader